Breton Electrochemical Division

Hypergraph and Hypergraph-EVO

HyperGraph™ stands for a broad class of composites based on graphene nanoplatelets (GNP) supported by inorganic nanoparticles (the core).

The core-shell structure is achieved by a versatile top-down approach producing:

  • structural and morphological changes of the pristine GNP (lateral size, stacked layers, SSA);
  • engineered properties of GNP (D1/G peak ratio) leading to feasible functionalization with specific agents.

Dispersions of Hypergraph
  • Stable up to 32 mg/ml in polar solvent mixture without stabilizing agents;
  • Customized inks are also viable.
Hypergraph-Evo is the evolution of Hypergraph, without the core and consisting of only highly defective graphene.


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