Breton Electrochemical Division

Electrochemical Division

The new creation of Breton SpA

Breton Electrochemical Division has been created with the aim of developing new materials for the conversion of electrical energy into electrochemical energy and for the storage of such energy.
These materials are to be used inside electrochemical devices, such as Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cells (PEMFC) and lithium batteries. The Electrochemical Division cooperates with the CheMaMSE research group of the University of Padova (, coordinated by Prof. Vito Di Noto, for the sharing of their scientific know-how.
The activity of the Division is primarily focused on pre-industrial production of the following materials, patented by Breton SpA:
1.Breton LiFT: new ceramic, solid electrolyte for lithium batteries;
2.Breton TiF: new filler for Hybrid inorganic/organic PEMFC composed of titanium dioxide doped with fluorine ions. It can be added to any polymer electrolyte in order to enhance both the mechanical and the electrochemical properties.
3.Breton Hypercat: new electrocatalyst for PEMFC.