Breton Electrochemical Division


Our company has grown and ascertained itself on the market thanks to its winning philosophy dedicated to research and development

Breton was first established in 1963 by Marcello Toncelli, who perceived the enormous potential in developing a market which was absolutely innovative and at the time practically unexplored: developing new technologies and manufacturing industrial plants for producing engineered stone. Since the beginning of its activity Breton has also dedicated itself to manufacturing machines and plants for processing natural stone.
In the nineties, Breton forced its way in the field of high speed numerical control machining centres, becoming one of the world most important manufacturers in few years. In the course of time, Breton developed a full range of machining centres, which satisfy all the requirements of the following industrial sectors: Aerospace, Defence, Aeronautics, Automotive, Naval, Motor Racing, Gears, Energy, Die, Automotive and Naval Modelling and Prototyping, General Manufacturing Industry.
The founder's farsighted entrepreneurship and his enormous aptitude for developing innovative ideas were the assets that enabled the company to rapidly grow becoming in just a few years an industrial reality in the foreground, and later to become the world market leader. Breton S.p.A. is under the control of Luca and Dario Toncelli, which run the company with the collaboration of the founder's long-time partner, Roberto Chiavacci, who holds the office of Vice President of the Board of Directors. The company occupies a land area of approx. 81.000 m2, of which 40.000 are covered, and employs about 580 persons. Breton has been awarded the ISO 9001 Quality Certification and the ISO 14001 Certification.