Breton Electrochemical Division

SSI-21 2017 - Padova (Italy)

21st International Conference on Solid State Ionics (Padua, 18-23 June 2017)

The Organizing Committee of the 21st International Conference of Solid State Ionics (SSI-21) comprises world-level experts in the preparation and study of a large variety of traditional and innovative ion-conducting materials for application in the modern fields of:
Energy conversion and storage (e.g., batteries, fuel cells, redox flow batteries, supercapacitors, photovoltaics);
Sensors and transducing devices;
Next-generation microelectronics (e.g., electroactive materials for memristors, capacitors and field-effect transistors);
Photo-electrochemical and photoactive devices;
Ionics in biologic systems and life sciences.
Breton will be presenting LiFT and HYPERCAT.
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